Monday, April 30, 2012


I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have looked at or made the Sweet Potato Muffins I had posted a recipe for a week or two ago, I have made some changes to the recipe. I have made them a few more times since I posted it and have made it a little healthier each time! There was WAY too much canola oil and sugar called for in the recipe, so I have adjusted those amounts according to what I am using now. Plus, they are best when the tops of the muffins are slightly crispy, so I adjusted the baking time as well. It has not changed the taste AT ALL and I feel much better about eating them now! I hope this doesn't cause any trouble for anyone and if you haven't tried them, I would have to say they are a MUST!!! They are by far one of the very best muffins I have ever tasted (and that's counting wheat-flour muffins I used to eat!). They are AMAZING warm and FABULOUS cold. I don't really know of another muffin that I can say that about!!!!!!

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