Sunday, April 15, 2012


What kind of recipe user are you?

(1). I follow a recipe to the letter

(2). I sometimes follow it, but I'm not afraid to add my own variations

(3). I never make a recipe without tweaking it

(4). I only use a recipe to give me idea's

Leave me a comment and let me know what kind of recipe user you are!!!

I think I am a serious number 2 user; once in a while I will follow a recipe exactly, but more often than not, I have to add my own changes!!!! But that's what a recipe is for, right? It's a guide, not the law!


Holly said...

If the recipe is for something new, (I've never made or tasted) I will stick fairly closely to the recipe. But if I'm comfortable with the dish, then I read over the recipe and don't look back. I guess I'm #2 and #4.

Pint said...

I'm definitely a #2 because of all the food sensitivities I have. I must substitute or I don't get to use most recipes even if they are GF. I'm getting better at it all the time, too. ;-)

Karissa said...

Thank you so much guys!!! It's always fun to see how everyone cooks!!!

Tricia Ringer said...

I'm #2 sometimes this is good and sometimes not so good. But, I do learn a lot from making different variations besides that its lots of fun coming up with new ideas and challenging which is what I like most about changing recipes.
Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. Have a wonderful day!