Monday, January 14, 2013

Ice Cream Cones:

There are actually only a few things that I miss eating since going gluten-free.
I know how sick it makes me if it's not gluten-free and so it's not worth it to me to "just indulge this once."
I'll just live without. But still, every now and then, I do get hungry for things like a really good bowl of macaroni and cheese, or a sub, or an ice cream cone! Some people might not understand this, but if you haven't had an ice cream cone in 8 years, you would understand! So you can imagine how excited we were to run across a box of gluten-free ice cream cones! And they were super good!

The brand is "Goldbaums" and you can click here to look up their website.
Everything they have is gluten-free. They have lots of stuff and several different kinds of ice cream cones. The picture here, is the ones we tried. They are very small, like we had to use a little spoon to scoop the ice cream into the cone, but it was 100% totally worth it (eat 2 or 3 if that bothers you). It was so fun sitting there eating an ice cream cone! Call me odd, I don't care at all! I was in heaven! And if you are craving an ice cream cone too, then I strongly suggest you give these a try! You won't be disappointed!

Where to buy:
-We got them at Earth Fare (click here for my post on that store)-
Look at the store locator and find out where you the nearest place is that you can purchase their products.
I'm sure you can find them in more places as well, but I don't know where else for sure.

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