Friday, March 2, 2012

Flour for the locals

I just posted my bread recipe, and I wanted to tell you where I get my flours. There's a lot of places on-line you can order them, but who wants to pay to ship that? You can sometimes find them in bulk food or health food stores. I get my flours at a Bulk Food Store. Around here, we have several bulk food stores, and they have all the different flours. At this store, we buy 25 lb. bags of rice flour and other things bulk like that. It lasts a long time and is cheaper to buy in bulk. I will give you the information for the store I use, so if you live near you can check it out!!!

Springs Store
1726 Springs Road
Springs, PA 15562
Phone: 814-662-4175
(This is about 1 mile out of Grantsville, MD)

If you have questions about what they carry or any questions about eating gluten-free, feel free to call the store and ask for "Twila." She is very knowledgeable about gluten-free things. The store also has a whole section with tons of gluten-free things like crackers, cookies, pasta, etc.

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