Monday, March 26, 2012

Experiment that worked!!!!!!!

I made the Broccoli Chowder for dinner tonight. Earlier in the afternoon, I cut up all the veggies except for the potatoes; I thought I would just do those when I was ready to cook the soup. But I completely forgot about the potatoes until my broccoli and carrots were almost done, so there was no time to cook them now. So after I added the milk to the recipe, I also added about 1-1/2 cups of mashed potatoes that I had leftover from yesterday's dinner. I stirred and simmered the soup on low, until the mashed potatoes and cheese were completely melted. It didn't make the soup any thicker than normal or give it an overly potato flavor; just gave it a very creamy texture! The soup turned out great!!!!!

So even though it's not a recipe, I thought I would share that with you!!! I hope someone can use it and get great results!!!!

-I just added this to my "tips" page, but while we're on the potato thing, if you are making soup and it doesn't turn out as thick as you wanted it, stir in small amounts of potato flakes until the desired consistency is reached!

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