Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Triumph Dining

I wanted to share another link with you to a website that I have really enjoyed:

                          "Triumph Dining"

They have a lot of good stuff on here, but there's a couple things I really like:
1. They have the Best Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide. They research all kinds of restaurants (including chains) and list what you can and can not have at each one. I love this book. It's especially good for my mom, because she goes on a lot of business trips with my dad. The book is divided into States and even down to towns, so she can look in the book to see what's in the area and know exactly what she can eat.
2. I have signed up for their e-mails and receive them about once a week I think. They are full of great information and interesting things. Like what's new and coming out for Gluten-Free eaters, interesting health studies...all kinds of great stuff!
3. Their dining cards: This is especially great if you are traveling, but still good anywhere. It's a card that explains what gluten is, why I have to eat this way, and how to make food that is gluten-free. You carry it with you and whenever you go out to eat and aren't sure what you can have, you just have the waiter show the card to the chef. These cards come in several languages - English, Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Mexican), Thai, and Vietnamese - so you can anywhere!!! Their fabulous!

I have tried their Grocery guide, which helps you know what you can have at certain grocery stores. It is good, but I live in a small town with just a Walmart, and they research mostly other big stores. So it was good, but not great for me where I live. If you have several bigger grocery stores, this would be very helpful for you.

So I hope you check it out the site and enjoy it as much as I do!!!

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