Monday, October 7, 2013


I mix up our gluten-free flour mixture about once a month.
It takes about 30 minutes, and then it's done.
When I do this, I like to pre-measure mixes for things we use often or make on a regular basis. It saves a lot of time later and works great if your in a hurry - you can pull out your mix and get to work! And even if you're not gluten-free, you could still easily do this. There's tons of mixes you can buy, but they can add up in price - especially if you're gluten-free, if you can even find them and even if you can find them, chances are you can't choke them down!!
Some things we use regularly are:
You can do just about anything you want!
I have used containers for this and I've used Zip-lock bags as well. I prefer the bags, just because they don't take up much space, but the containers work great too, and you can re-use them.
I just measure out the dry ingredient portion of the recipe and put it in the bag.
I mark on the bag what the mix is for and if it's for a double batch, I mark that as well.
Depending on the recipe, you could write the rest of the ingredients on the bag/container, if you wanted or staple the recipe to the bag or something. This is also good if someone else could end up making them, that way they know exactly what to do and don't have to go hunting for the recipe!
I hope you take a few minutes to make life a little easier, and go make some mixes!!
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