Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cornflake Crumbs:

My niece, Ava, has spent this past week with us, and being 4-years-old,
she has also had the privilege of picking the menu for dinner each night!
So tonight's dinner includes every kids favorite - Chicken Nuggets!!
As I was making them, I thought I would share this tip with you!
It's a little pricey maybe, but they are SO nice to have on hand!
 It makes mixing up a batch of breading
for those chicken nuggets, incredibly fast and easy!
It's Cornflake Crumbs!!

Now, of course you can buy cornflakes and then make them into crumbs yourself, but it's really nice sometimes to just have all the work done for you! We don't use them all of the time, but like I's nice!! We buy ours at Walmart in the baking isle with all the other breading mixes. I'm sure you could probably find it at other stores, I have just never looked anywhere else, so I can't say which other stores!
So, I hope you check out this totally awesome invention and enjoy them as much as I do!!

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