Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Pasta:

We tried yet another pasta! You might get tired of hearing about all the pasta we try, but I always like to share about things that we really enjoyed! You know, gluten-free things are kind of hard to find in ordinary stores, at ordinary prices that taste extraordinary! Anyways!
We actually found this at Walmart! We were pretty excited, because our Walmart doesn't tend to carry gluten-free items.
We hadn't tried this brand before, so we were of course a little nervous, because we have had some not so great tasting things!!
But, I think it actually might be my new favorite! We tried the Elbow Macaroni for Mac 'n cheese, and it was fabulous! Not too thin, not too thick and it kept it's shape really well. Plus it was perfectly cooked in exactly 7 minutes, so that was pretty cool in it self!
You can probably find this at other grocery stores too, but Walmart is the only place I have noticed it so far.  
So I hope if you are still looking for that perfect gluten-free pasta, you will give this a try!
I'd love to hear what you think about it!!
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