Monday, June 10, 2013


We were in the Baltimore/DC area for my sister's graduation last weekend, and we stayed with my dad's cousin. She went ALL out in providing us with AMAZING gluten-free food the whole time! It was all so delicious! Thank you so much, Viv! I don't know how we could ever thank you enough!

Anyway, she sent us home with a bag of macaroni noodles that she didn't use over the weekend.
We had never had the brand, so I was excited to try them out!
And they were far from disappointing!!!
Actually, they were FABULOUS!!!!!

It was Wegmans Brand. I had heard of the grocery store, but had never been in one.
You can check out their website by clicking here and hopefully find a store in your area.
They have a lot of gluten-free foods. Almost like a Martins or Kroger, but they have different things and brands as well.

I'm sure they probably have other brands, but the Wegmans brand is what we tried.
It's a 100% corn pasta.
The pasta that our Walmart carries, and what we normally use, is a corn and rice pasta. I do like that pasta, but I feel like the Wegmans isn't as thick - more like a normal wheat pasta. In fact, it tasted a lot like wheat pasta. It was even good cold, which if you have tried very many gluten-free pastas, you know that that is almost never the case!

The Wegmans Pasta cooks extremely fast, unlike other varieties that take quite some time.
Also, the water you cook it in, does not become thick and foggy like the rice pasta does.

I have found a Wegmans close to me, and I hope to be able to go there soon and definitely get some more pasta, but also try out some of their other food items as well!
And I hope you do to!!!

Let me know if you try out anything from there and how you like it!!
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