Monday, June 17, 2013

Granola Bar Bites:

I have been making several batches of granola bars lately,
and enjoying experimenting with variations on their shapes!

My favorite so far, has been to mold them into muffin tins.
After I mix them up, instead of pressing them into a 9x13-inch baking dish,
I use a 1-inch cookie scoop and place two scoops in each cup for the regular size muffin cups
and one scoop in each of the mini-muffin cups
(make sure to very lightly spray the tins with cooking spray before you put in any of the granola mixture). After I have used all of the mixture, I use my fingers
and press as hard as I can down in each cup to make them firm and flat.
Allow them to cool for about an hour and then just use a table knife and pop them right out!!
I store them in an airtight container between layers of wax paper.

The small ones are by far my favorite! They are just the perfect size, whether you want 1 or 5!!

I hope you give them a try!

Click HERE for the original Granola Bar Recipe

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