Monday, September 7, 2015

Products I love: 3 different Granola Bars:

Today, I'm sorry to say that I do not have a recipe to share with you.
However, I'm very excited to share several product recommendations with you!
I am not receiving anything or getting paid to write this post. 
These are not my pictures, but all the opinions are my own. 

I love granola bars. 
For breakfast, a snack, I could eat them any time of day. Surprisingly, there are precious few gluten-free options when it comes to granola bars. And even fewer options if you are not interested in eating the same kind of granola bar for the rest of your life.
We have been getting the Nature Valley Trail Mix bars for years, and whereas they are good, I personally am getting sick and tired of them, and would be perfectly content not to see another one for the rest of my life!!
Yes, I do make my own and all that sometimes. But I have been traveling a lot recently, and have encountered different situations where I needed those bars to be completely sealed 
(example: in the airport, camping/vacationing where it's very damp and humid, etc.)
Being in one of those situations recently, I randomly started reading every.single.lable of of granola bars in the grocery store. I have done this time, after time, only to find 2, maybe 3 bars that were gluten-free.  
However, this time I was SO excited to come across three very different bars, that were all gluten-free!! So of course I got all of them to try, and I ended up loving each and every one of them!
They were each very different and unique, yet delicious!
Both of the Nature Valley Bars are completely gluten-free. 
The milk&cereal bar, however, does have malt extract, which is derived from barley. This does not bother me, but for someone with extreme gluten sensitivity, or actual Celiac Disease, this may be a problem, so you have to use your own judgement.

I hope you will check your grocery and give some of these a try!!!
If you are a fellow granola bar lover, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

~Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate~

~Mixed Berry with Greek Yogurt~

~Honey Nut Cheerios Milk&Cereal Bars~

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