Monday, February 3, 2014

Tips on making half of a recipe:

I am part of a pretty big family  - I mean, 5 kids (all over 13) at home and two parents. And there's even a 16-year-old boy in there! But still, for some reason, if a recipe serves 4, that's the amount I make and usually there's leftovers! I hardly ever make anything with two pounds of hamburger, and typically only use 4 chicken breast. We're just not big eaters I guess, at least that's what people tell us (unless it's chocolate chip cookies we're talking about!)!! That being said, there is lots of times that I only make half of a recipe or sometimes I even make a recipe and a half, depending on what it is and how many I'm cooking for. We have this fantastic measuring cup that has teaspoons, ounces, tablespoons and cups all marked on it, but after years of use, the lettering is starting to disappear and I was starting to panic!! Then I stumbled across this and was very excited! It may not take the place of my handy measuring cup, but it will definitely help!
Now I know there's people out there that can figure all this out in their head in two seconds, but I am NOT one of them. Plus, I second guess everything, and that doesn't help either. So if you're super smart and don't need this chart, I sincerely congratulate you!!!! If you're anything like me, here's a handy chart to help us out!!
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