Monday, February 23, 2015

Ledo's Pizza:

Valentine's Day has always been my dad's holiday...he gets everyone a card and either a gift for each of us, or something big for everyone. For as long as I can remember, he has done this!
This year, he decided to skip the treats and gifts, and order pizza!!
Now, that might sound pretty lame to most people, but I only ever remember our family ordering pizza one time in my life! It's expensive for a family our size, and just something we never did. After we went gluten-free, it was pretty impossible. We make homemade pizza about once a week, but ordering pizza is just a BIG deal for us!!!! (It's okay, you can laugh!)!!
We have a local pizza shop that has gluten-free pizza, so that's were we ordered from. I was so excited to try it! I was afraid to get my hopes up, though, in case it turned out to be disgusting!
But I had nothing to worry about!!!
It was SOOO good!!! All of my gluten-free family members LOVED it!
Unlike many other places that serve gluten-free pizza, you can choose whatever toppings you want!
We went with cheese and pepperoni, and ham and pineapple this time, but I can't wait to try a Supreme!
It's a thin crust pizza, which is my favorite! They say it's a personal size. There are 4 of us who eat gluten-free, so we ordered 3 pizzas. We all ate, and had enough leftover for 2 more people to eat the rest the next day, so I think you would have to be REALLY hungry to eat the whole thing by yourself!

Since we were pretty impressed by it, I wanted to share all the info with you!
Turns out it's a chain restaurant, and they have quite a few locations here in the East!

They have many other menu items apart from pizza (of course many of them are not gluten-free).
You can check out the menu here:

About their Gluten-Free Pizza


I think we all would agree that this was just about the BEST Valentine's Day EVER!!!!

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