Monday, August 12, 2013

Cheesy Zucchini Rice:

Well, it's zucchini time again, so I have been on my annual search to find as many recipes as I can that use as much zucchini as possible! If you grow zucchini, you know what I'm talking about! It's the only vegetable that just grows like crazy no matter what!  
This super fast and easy side dish is one I came across during my search, and it turned out really yummy!
It's pretty versatile as well. You can use as much or as little zucchini as you like, and feel free to experiment with a different kind of cheese!! 

2 cups chicken broth
1 cup long grain rice
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 tblsp. butter
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1 cup of cheddar cheese
1 cup shredded zucchini

In a large saucepan, bring chicken broth, rice, chopped onion and butter to a boil. Stir lightly. Cover and reduce heat to medium. Cook for 20 minutes or until liquid is completely absorbed. Do not remove lid or stir rice during the 20 minutes. Once rice is done, remove from heat and stir in cheese and zucchini. Cover and let stand 1-2 minutes, just to make sure the cheese is melted and zucchini is hot through. Serve!
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