Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chex Cereal:

Probably most everyone knows this already, but I thought I would just put it up here in case someone doesn't! Chex Cereal has some of the BEST gluten-free cereal out there! It tastes so good, and one of the best parts to me, is that you can buy it at Walmart and most any other grocery store! No trying to get to your health food store and paying an arm and a leg for it! Plus, you can eat what everyone else is eating! Or better yet, you can eat better than everyone else is eating!!
We have really enjoyed all of these! We haven't yet tried the Chocolate or the Apple Cinnamon, but I'm sure we will soon!

I hope if you haven't, you will give these awesome cereals a try!
And it doesn't have to be for Breakfast either!
Try out a chex mix like these (click on the recipe name):

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